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Since 1985 Carpet Services has been Selling and Installing Carpet & Vinyl. We have carpeted everything from Homes, Apartments, Businesses, Schools & Churches.

We believe that our experience in Cleaning Carpets has given us an advantage to our Sales expertise. We see first hand, how carpeting performs. What sorts of things hurt the carpet and what sorts of things help the carpet.

After our first year in sales I had the opportunity to clean a carpet that we had put in the year previous. I was embarrassed by the lack of performance. It was evident at that time we needed to know more about the different kinds of carpeting.

We have found over the years that Continuous Filament Nylon typically cleans and wears better than any other fiber on the market. Of course the construction of the carpet is critical as well. There needs to be a sufficient density and twist. A tighter twist and definition will result in better performance.

Is more yarn better?
Only if it is constructed well. You can buy a real heavy carpet and if it is not constructed properly it will mat and frizz.

How come my carpet has waves in it?

See Stretching

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